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    Samm Blake


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    Nirav Patel


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  • SeanFlanigan_YTYKY_006

    Sean Flanigan

    My brief is called There You Weren’t. My hope was to capture urban environments and those who inhabit them in a completely unassuming way. I shot blindly, rarely looking through the viewfinder for any of the frames. I intended on capturing the grit & grime without being seen. Like you were there, but there you […]

  • kelly_tunney_005

    Kelly Tunney

    HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE IDEA? My brief was yellow, I choose it in a second as it’s my favourite colour on earth. But I knew instantly I wanted to explore something different to what would be expected. Thoughts are written through the first image DO YOU THINK IT STRENGTHENED YOU AS A […]

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Every week one artist will be selected and given a photography brief (created by YTYKY Creative HQ OR by a creative brief submitted by the public). The artist will be given seven days to complete the brief by providing around 10 images in response to their particular assignment. Each artist will also submit a written (however short or long!) post, explaining their experience with the assignment as well as their thoughts on the experience as a whole.



Samm Blake



Nirav Patel